Posted by: medhelpteam | July 5, 2009

When do we submit the CAF?

I have filled out the CAF and saved it, but I don’t know how and when to submit it?

You Cant submit it before Septmeber the 1st


Medhelp Team

A Lethal Mistake in ERAS application

We would like to point out about a COMMON LETHAL mistake that Most Imgs make

While opting for the delivery of USMLE transcript you have two options

1) set automatic transmission

2) set manual transmission

The automatic transmission should be set *******ONLY****** By Those who have passed USMLE STEP 1, 2, CS and STEP 3 .. in this option any changes in your status , if they happen, are transmitted to programs automatically . if you have a pending score and you set this option and unfortunately you flunk the exam … the programs would know of your failure and they may cancel the interview invitations they had already sent to u

Any person who is still waiting for the even a single result whether its step 1, 2ck or CS or step 3 ******MUST**** set manual transmission. in this option you have full control and you can send the scores to program when you want i..e when u pass the exam


Medhelp Team

helping IMGs over the years


When the result comes do we need to send it to each program we applied to or do we send once to Eras and they scan it to the program?
In case if we send it to the programs (say !)) Program) do we Email them or send it by mail?


You don’t send your scores you just update your USMLE transcript in ERAS and all the programs get your new scores


Thanks a lot of ur reply
I was specifically asking about step 3 result. Is it the same ? I mean can be updated in ERAS too becuse it doses not releate to ECFMG ?


Yep Step 3 result  can also be updated


Medhelp Team


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