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Q. 1 What if we are not certified on sept 1, Like we still have one test result awaited.Then also should we go ahead with the remaining application or can we wait till we get certified, Lets suppose by mid sept or around late sept and then apply?

We would recommend that YOU SHOULD apply on 1st september …so they have a look at your application.. you can update them when you recieve your result later on.

you should retransmit your USMLE transcript at that time and also send a polite email program coordinator and program director notifying them of your new result so that they look at your complete profile once again

REMEMBER to set your option to MANUAL transmission for USMLE Transcript

Q.2 Can I mention all my internship postings (10-12) individually under work experience as I am a fresh graduate and don’t have any other significant work experience or research experience. If I do that way, my CV had 19 entries in work experience. Will that be too long or detailed? Should I cut short my CV by mentioning all my internship postings under just one heading? I did this because in our home country, one year internship with rotations in all specialties is comparable to transitional year in USA system which is weighed very high.

A. Its perfectly fine to write your internship postings in detail. Since you dont have ample experience to your credit you should have something to fill the tummy of your resume and these rotations would be a real benefit if you plan to apply for Family medicne not mention they can be help in many other specialties.

Q 3What are most important things for the application of an applicant specially an IMG?

We are giving you what most of you would not like to hear…but thats a fact

the matching rate of IMGs is about 50% means half of the IMGs would get the message ” sorry you did not match” on the match day in march 2009.

So what to do…

Things to do before applying

Make your application as complete as possible … give attention to every component of your application … look critically on each and every document..LOR,MSPE, PS, etc
Forget about the scores you already got and please dont ask the question on the forum..”will i match” or “what are my chances” nobody can answer this question better than yourself..dont wait for hopes from others

Things after Applying

after applying dont just sit back at home checking myeras 100 times a day(take our words you will do it may be more than that).. rather do something to improve your CV.. research , observership, externship… if its research work as hard as you can so that if you dont get matched your PI gives you paid research… if its observership ..try to get the best LOR they have ever given to any observer..

During Interviews

We hope you will get many plan well ahead .. buy passes of amtrak or greyhound rather than buyig tickets for each trip separately.. work hard on preparing for common interview questions .. rehearse the interview many times.. Be yourself during the interview.. dont try to show what you are not(

Most important advice for those with low score… have a BACKUP PLAN ..if you dont get matched what you gonna do then.. may it be some research job, MPH or any other plans which you can have

Why its important to work on ERAS Early ?

Applying for ERAS on september 1st is not as simple as you think.

You have to send documents before august 1st in order to allow sufficient time for getting them scanned

You have to decide which programs to apply>>WE CANNOT STREES MORE ON THAT ….IT IS MOST IMPORTNAT MODIFIABLE FACTOR IN YOUR APPLICATION…suppose you apply in 100 programs and you meet the requirement of only 10…you are simply wasting money on 90…

if you apply in 50 and you are well qualifed for all of them you have fair chance of getting decent number of calls … though even then calls are not guaranteed..because now most programs get more number of qualified candidates than they can interview .. so they pick the top ones..

Next comes your Personal statement.. which matters alot as you have to present yourself. This is the only part of your application which is totally under your control, so you can make or mar your impression by that

Common application file is still one of the most documents which is going to shape your CV

So all these things specially the program selection is going to take alot of time


what if someone sending copy of LOR instead the original one. it would be acceptable or not?

LOR should be original..

no copies accepted. you can leave a copy for your own record.

Can i send single DSF(DOCUMENT SUBMISSION FORM) for all documents sending in same mail via fedex like Lors, Transcripts, Dean,s letter.. or separate DSF will be needed?

You have to submit Separate Document submission form for each LOR and and its better to seal each lor in separate envelope with DSF and send a separate DSF for the rest of the documents

I am an IMG, recent graduate.My scores are Step 1(99);Step 2(99).I also have a MPH from a good University and 3 months observership and 6 months research experience(both lab as well as clinical).However I have an attempt on Step 2 CS.I have cleared it though and am ECFMG certified now.Would it be beneficial in my case to give my step 3 soon and have my results before application.Also,though I know its a subjective question,what are my chances of getting into a good visa offering program this year ?

You have an awesome profile

You have all what it takes to land into a very good univesity program.

Step3 will definitely help. Dont feel bad about CS attempt. You have so many things in your resume which make you stand from the rest.

I am practicing observership at a community health center …they said we can put ur training under the title externship,,,though we dont allow u to interact with patient directly…shall i put it as externship or observership? and if i put it as externship ,wld it cause any trouble…wt is the legal definition of externship

if they mention in LOR about patient encounter, history taking, physical exam etc. then mention externship otherwise observership.

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