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Common application File


This is where the majority of your application is completed. You can complete the application in multiple sessions. The information in the application can be updated until it is certified and submitted. You can only submit your application once. Once your application is completed, certified, and submitted to ERAS, you cannot make any changes.

The application, or Common Application Form (CAF) as it is known, consists of 12 pages:


The Home section of the Application tab allows you to get a copy of the Worksheet (CAF), view your CAF, view your Curriculum Vitae (CV), and to submit and certify your application.

The copy of the Worksheet is a printable PDF of the CAF. Both your CAF and your CV are automatically generated as you fill out your application. The CV is the same information you entered in the application section of MyERAS. The Program Director’s Workstation (PDWS) will display it as a CV. The CV is nothing more than the CAF formatted in a different manner for the benefit of those programs that prefer to view a CV format. It is provided as a report so you can see how your information will be formatted.

You can submit your application by clicking Submit Your Application. Once you certify and submit your application you will not be able to make any changes to it.

This page contains a Quick Stats table that lists each page of the CAF and also lists whether or not it was saved.


Page One – General Information

Page one of the CAF allows the you to enter information such as your permanent mailing address, birth place and date, gender, and if you have any military service experience or obligations.


Page Two – Education (include only higher education)

Page two allows entries for each undergraduate and graduate school you have attended. Complete the required fields (marked with an asterisk *) and Save. The page will refresh to allow additional entries. For each undergraduate or graduate school you have attended you must list:

  • Institution name
  • Location
  • Education Type
  • Major
  • Degree earned or expected
  • And dates of attendance (leave month/year blank if experience is ongoing)

Since many non-U.S. educational systems do not follow the U.S. model, almost all students and graduates of international medical schools will indicate None on this page.


Page Three – Medical Education

Page three allows entries for each medical school you have attended. Complete the required fields (marked with an asterisk *) and Save. The page will refresh to allow additional entries. For each undergraduate or graduate school you have attended you must list:

  • Institution name and the country it is in (this must match the institution from which you received your token)
  • Degree expected or earned
  • Type of Degree
  • Dates of Attendance

For the question “Have you spent six or more months at a regional clinical campus?” you can either choose an option from the drop-down menu (if any are listed) or you can specify the name of the clinical campus in the “other clinical campus” field.

If your medical education is ongoing leave the month/year blank.


Page Four – Current/Prior Training

This page allows entries for type of training you have completed. Complete the required fields (marked with an asterisk *) and Save. The page will refresh to allow additional entries. For each entry you must list:

  • Type of Training
  • Specialty of the residency/fellowship
  • Institution/Program name, country, city and state
  • Years you were completing the residency/fellowship
  • Name of the Program Director
  • Name of your supervisor
  • Chief Resident (fellowship applicants only)
  • Dates of residency/fellowship
  • Reason for Leaving

If you have no previous training experience, select None.


Page Five – Experience(s)

Page five allows entries for each work, volunteer, and research experience/position you have attempted or completed. Complete the required fields (marked with an asterisk *) and click Save. The page will refresh to allow additional entries. For each entry you must list:

  • Experience Type (work, volunteer, or research)
  • Organization Name
  • Position
  • Name of your supervisor
  • Average Hours per Week
  • Description of Duties
  • Reason for Leaving
  • Dates of Experience

If you have no work, volunteer, or research experience select None.

You can choose from three experience types: work, volunteer, or research. Work experience refers to any employment for which you were compensated. Volunteer work refers to service where there was no compensation. Research experience refers to employment where research was conducted regardless of whether or not you were compensated.

List only experience that you believe is relevant to your application.

If the experience is ongoing leave the end date blank.


Page Six – Publications

Page six allows entries for each of your publications. Publications can include but are not limited to abstracts, poster sessions, and invited national or regional presentations.

Complete the required fields (marked with an asterisk *) and click on the Save button if you have publications to enter. If not, select None. The page will refresh to allow additional entries.


Page Seven – Examinations

Page seven allows entries for each examination that you have taken. If you have not taken any examinations click on None. The examination options are:

  • USMLE Step 1
  • USMLE Step 2 CK (Clinical Knowledge)
  • USMLE Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills)
  • USMLE Step 3
  • ECFMG Examination (prior to 1985)
  • ECFMG English Test (prior to 3/3/99)
  • ECFMG-FMGEMS Day 1 (prior to 1994)
  • ECFMG-FMGEMS Day 2 (prior to 1994)
  • ECFMG-VQE (prior to 1985)
  • Osteopathic-COMLEX Part 1
  • Osteopathic-COMLEX Level 2 CE
  • Osteopathic-COMLEX Level 2 PE
  • Osteopathic-COMLEX Part 3
  • Canadian-MCCE
  • Canadian-MCCEQE Part 1
  • Canadian-MCCEQE Part 2
  • NBME Part 1
  • NBME Part 2
  • NBME Part 3
  • FLEX

You must indicate the status and month/year the exam was taken for each exam you list. The options you have for the status field are:

  • Passed on
  • Failed on
  • Awaiting results from
  • Will take on
  • Incomplete


Page Eight – Medical Licensure

Page eight is used to answer questions regarding medical licensure. Questions concerning malpractice cases, termination of your medical license, felonies and criminal offenses, and board certification and DEA Registration must be answered.

If you answer Yes to any of the licensure questions, a detailed explanation limited to 510 characters, must be entered in the Reason field.


Page Nine – State Medical Licenses

Page nine is used to list any state medical licenses you might have. For each state medical license you have you must enter:

  • State the license is from
  • License Type (Full, Temporary or Limited, or Inactive)
  • License Number
  • Expiration Month/Year

If you do not have any state medical licenses then select None.


Page Ten – Race

Page ten allows you to enter your race. This question is optional, if you choose not to indicate your race please select No Answer. The options you have for race are:

  • White
  • Black
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native (specify the name of the enrolled or princial tribe)
  • Asian (Asian Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, or other Asian)
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (Native Hawaiian, Guamanian or Chamorro, Samoan, or other Pacific Islander)
  • Other


Page Eleven – Ethnicity

Page eleven allows you to enter your ethnicity. Like page ten, this page is also optional; you are not required to identify your ethnicity. If you choose not to disclose your ethnicity select None. The options for ethnicity are:

  • No Answer
  • Not Spanish/Hispanic/Latino/Latina
  • Spanish/Hispanic/Latino/Latina

If you select Spanish/Hispanic/Latino/Latina you must select another option from the drop-own menu. These options are:

  • Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano/Chicana
  • Puerto Rican
  • Cuban

If you do not fit under any of these categories you can enter your ethnicity in the Specify Other field.

Page Twelve – Miscellaneous

Page twelve consists of two questions asking if you have any limiting aspects and if your medical education/training was extended or interrupted.

If the first question about limiting aspects is answered with a No, then an explanation must be entered under Limiting Aspects.

If the second question regarding interrupted medical education/training is answered with a Yes, then an explanation must be entered in the Reason field. These explanations are limited to 510 characters (including spaces).

This page also allows you to list language fluency, hobbies and interests, medical school awards, other awards/accomplishments, and membership in honorary/professional societies.

If you do not wish to list anything for non-required sections on this page you can simply leave them blank.


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